5.0t Four-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Forklift Truck

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Thanks to the steering oil circuit and the brake oil circuit are independent of each other, thereby reducing the interference of the brake on the steering, the hydraulic braking system is very safe.
With the structure of brake valve plus the accumulator, it is safer and reliable.

With the suspension and integrated overhead guard, full-floating transmission, complex engine shock absorber and suspension seat, driving is more comfortable, and the vibration and noise of the truck can be reduced.
Excellent upward visibility is provided by a large roof screen, in fact, visibility all-round is excellent.

The two-piece design makes the floorboard easy to lift and remove for access to the power train.
The radiator cover can be turned easily by hand to enable quick inspections or servicing.

The reinforced truck chassis with CAE simulation software, optimized design is conducted for the tilt cylinder and steering drive axle installation.
Dual air filters and two-stage air filter are taken as the standard configuration to guarantee that the engine can operate for long time and under the optimal status.
The differential is specifically designed for rough terrain and features manual differential lock providing ultimate traction during inclement weather conditions and rough operating surfaces, it differerntial lock prevents power loose when one wheel spins.
Wet brake offers maximum service life for your brake system.