X series 1.0-3.5t (Four wheel )

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The traction motors are arranged in parallel, the batteries are fixed at the bottom of the truck frame, and the shaft distance and real-wheel distance have been lengthened, aiming to enhance the swing point of steering axle and shorten front overhang distance for excellent stability.

A high-power traction motor and high-speed-ration gearbox have been adopted. The maximum travelling speed and climbing gradient under full load have been increased to 16.5km/h and 20% respectively.
High-power pump motor with quiet and large discharge capacity has been adopted to promote lifting speed. For instance, the maximum lifting speed with 1.5-ton full load can reach 420mm/s.
Compact design, the width of 2- to 2.5-ton truck is only 1180mm.

Designed based on ergonomics, the longer wheelbase provides larger space for legs. The diameter of steering wheel has been decreased to 300mm. Seats can be adjusted forward and backward for operators to choose the best driving position.
Humanized design. Storing space, USB interface and others have been added.

LED front lights and combined lights provide better view to operators under any circumstance.
Overload protection device for electronics and hydraulics, conforming to safety specifications.

The bottom plate under feet can be disassembled without tools, which is convenient to check and repair all walking motors and systems.
Brake fluid can be added when the shield cover and oiler cover are opened.
Fully opening covers are quite convenient for the maintenance motors and controllers.

AC controllers realize computer control in travelling, turning, lifting, inclining and other movements.
Regenerative braking is more energy saving and efficiency during truck’s deceleration, direction changing, and driving on downwards slope.