A series Double-column Pallet Stackers Mini Range II




The new generation of A series double-column pallet stackers mini range II adopts a professional industrial exterior design. The vehicle has a smooth vivid profile, a compact shape and a fully ergonomic design, and follows the latest exterior design trend.


With AC walking motor, it has excellent acceleration performance, good climbing performance, low heat generation, no carbon brush and is maintenance-free. With the new AC control system to perform accurate, stable, and more efficient control. The CANBUS structure makes the whole vehicle communication faster and more reliable. Regenerative brake of the truck prevents it from sliding on a slope.


With the functions of release braking, reverse braking and emergency braking to ensure safe driving. With protection for preventing sliding down a ramp to ensure safe operation.


With high power and a rated load capacity to meet the handling needs of most customers. With a permanen t magnet brush/synchronous motor with excellent performance and low heat generation. The truck with regenerative braking provides protection for preventing sliding down a ramp.


With the compact and stylish tiller, all operations can be easily completed with one hand. The optimized design of the body structure provides an excellent operating view and to get in/out the pallet more easily. Thanks to the compact, lightweight and flexible, it can be operated very easily and can pass through narrow aisles.