HC Forklift X Series Electric with Li-Ion Power – Capacity: 1300-1500kg

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With a profile formed by a combination of straight lines and streamlined curved surfaces, the vehicle is compact and maneuverable and has simple and sturdy appearance.

The angle of the hand wheel is adjustable and the seat can be adjusted backwards and forwards, so that the operator can choose the best driving position. Excellent ergonomic design and large operation space provide the operator with more comfort, and satisfy the operator’s needs for long-term and high-intensity operations.

The optimized design of the wide-view mast and the low dashboard enable a wide front view and higher safety, and minimizes the blind view to the greatest extent. The emergency shut-off switch equipped for the standard configuration complies with European safety standards. The electronic and hydraulic overload protection devices comply with safety regulations.

AC devices, precise speed control, maintenance-free motor, temperature monitoring. The forklift is equipped with an AC controller to enable its driving, steering, lifting, tilting and other actions to be controlled by a computer.

Energy saving and high efficiency
Front-wheel drive; standard rubber tread tires, which are not prone to skid on slippery grounds such as puddles, sandy, sloping or cold storage grounds, etc. Efficient and convenient vehicle-mounted charger provided for the standard configuration. The vehicle is equipped with energy-saving and durable LED lights.

With the battery and counterweight arranged and designed to have a low center of gravity, respectively, the vehicle has a low center of gravity and good stability.