HC Forklift X Series Electric with Li-Ion Power – Capacity: 6000-10000kg

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Small-diameter solid tires, front and rear battery sets and other technologies are used to enable excellent stability of the vehicle.

The high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller ensures smooth and accurate driving and lifting control, and has excellent speed regulation performance, good performance of electronic control matching the motor, functions of regenerative braking, reverse braking and anti-sliding on ramps, etc., and high safety and reliability.

The optimized design of the wide-view mast, wide-view overhead guard and low dashboard enables a broader view of the operator and higher safety.

The innovative two-door structure with one door, respectively, on the left and right sides of the forklift easily facilitates the maintenance of the motor, oil pump and electric control of the forklift and enables good resistance to dust and water.

The inclination angle of the ergonomically designed hand wheel is adjustable and the seat can be adjusted 150mm forwards and backwards, so that the operator can choose the best driving position.