HC Forklift XC Series 3-Wheel Electric with Li-Ion Power – Capacity: 1300-2000kg

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Excellent ergonomic design
The truck has a large operation space more than 50% larger than that of the traditional three-point electric truck. The enlarged brake pedal and appropriate regenerative braking function can effectively reduce the driver’s fatigue.

Owing to the low center of gravity and good stability, the driver feels comfortable during turning. The intelligent sensing enables buered descending. When the fork is 100 – 60mm away from the ground, the descending will automatically slow down, so that the goods and pallet will not hit the ground and the goods and ground can be protected effectively.

Easy operations and maintenance
With the fully sealed hood and side plates, all major components including the electrically controlled components, motor, electrical components, etc. are sealed from dust and water. Vulnerable parts and key parts are arranged reasonably to facilitate maintenance and repair.

The high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller ensures smooth and accurate driving and lifting control, and has excellent speed regulation performance, good performance of electronic control matching the motor, functions of regenerative braking, reverse braking and anti-sliding on ramps, etc., and high safety and reliability.

Main Accessories
The main electrical components such as the motor controller, contactor, power plug, emergency cut-off switch, dashboard, accelerator, are all products of well-known foreign brands.