A series High Range Pedestrian Pallet Stacker With Initial Lift




The A series pedestrian stacker adopts a professional industrial design of exterior. The vehicle has a smooth vivid profile and a fully ergonomic design, following the latest exterior design trend. With a large number of steel plate stamping and injection molding processes to enable a robust and durable product that meets environmental protection requirements.


With AC walking motor, it has excellent acceleration performance, good climbing performance, low heat generation, no carbon brush and is maintenance-free. With the new AC control system to perform accurate, stable, and more efficient control. The CANBUS structure makes the whole vehicle communication faster and more reliable. Regenerative brake of the truck prevents it from sliding on a slope.


A function of automatic deceleration of the vehicle after the fork is lifted 500mm is provided for the standard configuration. A function of prohibiting the shanks to be lifted after the fork is lifted 1800mm is provided for the standard configuration. With the functions of release braking, reverse braking and emergency braking to ensure safe driving. With protection for preventing sliding down a ramp to ensure safe operation.


The brushless, maintenance-free AC driving motor reduces operation cost significantly. The meter integrating battery indicator, timer, and fault self-diagnosis is convenient for maintenance. Rear cover can be completely opened, maintenance is very convenient.


With the four-point low center of gravity design and a high-strength steel frame structure, the vehicle frame has a large residual load capacity and a long service life. All plug connectors are imported and waterproof, and all cables have reliable protection, which increases reliability of electrical system significantly. With an electric lifting limit switch to avoid overflow from the hydraulic power unit, save more energy and protect the motor of the power unit.