XF series 4.0-5.5t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

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The new dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system contributes loss of hydraulic and improve energy efficiency


XF 4.0-5.5t just equip with Okamura transmission, brake drum and hub adopt inblock construction

Bigger diameter of steering cylinder

The drive axle are improved into the inblock

The steering axle are improved into the integral casting parts


Each model employs a specially developed engine for the optimum balance of power and superior environmental performance. Cummins engine QSF2.8T4F is in compliance with EU stage-IIIB control regulation

The exhaust treatment DOC ensure the exhaust satisfy with Europe 3B and USA T4F,it also with good noise reduction, maintenance is minimal


Cummins engine use the special air filter,it can reduce air intake resistance dramatically equipped with pressure alarm to master the maintaining time