XF series 5.0-7.0t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

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Latest forklift technologies are employed in the XF series 5-7T Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklift Truck, which are the achievements of Hangcha for over 30 years of the experience in forklift manufacture. The dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system, the efficient new lighting system and the new-type reflector reduces hydraulic loss and energy consumption, extends the service life of the vehicle and increases the lifting speed.

By optimizing transmission design, the powertrain provides higher efficiency and faster driving speed. All diesel engines in usage comply with EU-Exhaust Emission Regulation Stage-III, which allows for low exhaust emission. The environmental friendly materials are employed in the non-asbestos brake shoe and the new type sealing gasket.

The optimized exhaust and intake muffler and the noise shield technologies reduce the noise level to 3dB. Furthermore, this product is characterized by comfortable and ergonomic operation. The optional electro-hydraulic proportional control system, the plated-fin type aluminum radiator, the small diameter steering wheel with tilt adjustment and the newly designed mast are employed in the XF Series 5-7T Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklift Truck to achieve comfortable and ergonomic operation. The shock absorption, the soft landing /lifting system, the damping pad and the suspension seat are applied to reduce the vibration. Moreover, the comfortable operation also contributes to a higher productivity.

The famous brand air-filter, high strength chassis, mast and front /rear axle are applied in the machine. All the controllers, relays, and safety fuses are allocated in the controller box, which is free of water and dust. And the main electronic components are water proof. The new vehicle controller integrates all electrical components and the new stamped air cleaner is durable and resistant to vibration.

The rotating LPG bottle holder and the air filter are easy to be accessed and therefore easy to be replaced All the engine oil level dipstick, filter of hydraulic, water separator are easy to be accessed and checked. The front cover of radiator can automatically open as the rear cover opens. An energy accumulator is applied in the braking system of this machine. The seat sensor system integrates the functions of lifting/tilting and traveling. The throttling device and the locking device of engine hood damper are employed to ensure safety.