A Series Seat-On 1.2t – 2t



● Load capacity: 1.2t/1.4t/1.6t/2.0t

● Models: CQD12/14/16/20-AZ4H

● 2.0t performance: Lift speed (Unladen) 480mm/s, travel speed reach 14Km/h

● Feature: 

Max. lifting height: 12.5m, load capacity@600mm750Ah: 1200kg;

EPS (Electric Power Steering) system, steering force is only 3N, easy to control. 

Flexibility: 360ºand 180º, two operation modes can accord to habit of the user. 

LCD screen can display the steering angle and direction synchronously, number key can set target lift height(Opt.).
Driving wheel with automatic centering function

Panoramic view OHG(Opt.):Perfect visibility 

Grammer fingertip system:Excellent ergonomic

Reliability: Electromagnetic braking system