A Series Stand-On 1.5t – 1.8t



Optimal ergonomic design. the steering wheel, operating lever and accelerator are positioned at the best distance to the driver, making the operation lighter more comfortable.
The newly designed large-area back support is soft and comfortable, reducing operator fatigue.

Turn speed is controlled to the turning radius, providing stable turning matched to the state of operation.
If the operator is not in the normal operating position, travel power is interrupted and load-handling (except lowering) operations are stopped.
The right leg of the OHG moves backwards to protect the driver’s back in case of a collision.

The Curtis controller and CAN-bus communication provide safe and reliable.
The Shimadzu multi-way valve and gear pump provide higher efficiency and faster lifting speed.
EPS system with brushless technology making steering and operation easier and clearer.

Suspension control system effectively reduces the shake when turning、lifting and moving forward and backward.
The pump motor assembling on the rear side of the body makes the center of gravity moving backwards and improving stability.
Automatic speed control: Travel speed is controlled according to the lift height, providing stability and safety.

Battery reach out system is easy for change the battery.
The controller and multi-way valve are located on the front side of the body, and it’s only necessary to open the front sealing plate during maintenance.

Energy saving and efficient
The hydraulic system has been optimized to improve the lifting performance. The lifting speed was increased by 23% without load, and the lifting speed was increased by 22% with full load.
The excellent climbing performance increases the climbing performance by 48% without load and climbing performance by 15% with full load.